First Aid and CPR Recertification

Course Description

We offer Red Cross Recertification courses! Please make sure you check your current certification to make sure you’re available for recertification

Recertification Requirements

  • Recertification can only be done if the certification is still current *
  • We CANNOT re-certify a different providers first aid certification *
  • We CAN re-certify a different providers CPR certification
  • You may only re-certify a Standard First Aid course once *
  • There is NO re-certification for Emergency First Aid or Marine First Aid
  • You are required to bring your certification card with you to the course

*WSIB Requirements

Standard First Aid & CPR/AED A Recertification


  • Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR A Recertification

Standard First Aid & CPR/AED C Recertification


  • Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR C Recertification

CPR/AED C Recertification (4 hours)


  • Red Cross CPR C Recertification