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Infant care sessions Kingston

Interested in any of the below sessions? contact us for hourly rates

Senior Groups

1 – 2 hours

Want to know how to recognize a heart attack, stroke or other medical emergency? Our informal chats can be question and answer periods or short presentations. Times can be adjusted to suit the needs of the group.

School Groups

1 – 2 hours

With so many kids with allergies these days why not improve the recognition and reaction time in your classroom. An instructor can discuss the use of epi-pen, inhalers and how to get help in an emergency.

New parents and grandparents

3 hours

Informative session on being prepared, how and when to get help and how to recognize the signs of and emergency.

Infant Care Sessions

This session is led by Tanya Hamilton, infant care specialist. For more information please contact us with infant care in the subject line.

New borns and the first few months

8 hours

With so many emotions of having and bringing home a new baby this course will help to answer questions that new parents may have.

First aid including infant choking and CPR

1 hour

Non certification discussion and demonstration. Recommended that a full course be taken to cover all aspects of emergencies. Check out the course descriptions to find one that suits your needs.

Interested in any of the above sessions? contact us for hourly rates